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Mobility = Movement Potential

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You can only move as well as your parts allow, as every movement is a sum of parts. Limited parts means a limited sum. For example: If your hips are not moving as hips should, you will be limited in every movement involving the hips. Squatting might be difficult and running slow and possibly painful. Insult can turn into injury and more of the same rarely leads to a better outcome. 

Mobility training means increasing the flexibility of your joints and the development of active control over the full range of motion. This will strengthen the joints, protects against injury, decreases pain and increases your ability to move.

Movement = Life


Staying alive involves lots of movement. Even when you are still you are moving just to stay alive: You are breathing, pumping blood, your skin is contracting or relaxing to regulate body temperature and billions of processes are happening on a cellular level.

Living well involves even more movement, a lot more movement. The body is literally shaped by movement through a process called mechanotransduction. We need movement to aide in digestion, the cells of our body need movement to function properly, our brains need movement to develop, regulate mood and prevent aging. We need to move to be able to keep moving in the future.

Modern life is an experiment in lack of movement that has profound negative effects on our musculoskeletal system, our physical and mental health, the economy and the environment. We can recover by moving more often, in more ways and with more awareness. A more embodied way of living creates the desire to move, as movement feels good and moving well feels even better.

More movement can start anywhere and at any time of your life. Learn to pay attention to how you move. What moves well and what stopped moving? Movement will tell you a lot if you know how to listen. Regularly challenge yourself to stay young and integrate movement into everyday life.

A teacher can help a great deal to develop your movement ability in a sustainable and progressive way. I offer personal and small group training in Amsterdam and online coaching for those who do not live in the area.


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